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### Product Information

**Red and White Striped Shirts for Nursery and KG Students**

Charming red and white striped shirts are crafted from premium cotton, specially tailored for nursery and kindergarten students. Perfectly designed to provide comfort and style, these shirts are ideal for young learners embarking on their educational journey.

- **Material**: Made from high-quality cotton, ensuring softness and breathability for all-day comfort.
- **Design**: The classic red and white stripes add a playful touch to the attire, making it appealing to young children.
- **Specially Tailored**: With the unique needs of nursery and kindergarten students in mind, these shirts are designed for ease of movement and durability.
- **Available Sizes**: Available in a range of sizes to accommodate children of different ages and sizes.

Elevate your little one's school wardrobe with our delightful red and white striped shirts, combining style, comfort, and durability for the perfect school attire.

Half Shirt (Nur & KG)

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