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The students are encouraged and motivated to adopt trial & error method in their endeavors. The basic idea is to infuse a scientific temperament with rational approach of solving problems. It is universally felt that the students of today have a myopic approach and understanding about the process of learning. The role of school is not limited to the text books but to touch the other dimensions of knowledge and education to magnify student’s creativity, analytical approach and thus encourage innovation.
Academic team
Smart Class room

We have well qualified, trained, experienced and motivated teaching staff to provide quality education and help every student to acquire academic skills and develop an analytical approach to problem solving. We believe that application of acquired knowledge is the key to success.

The EIS library is enriched with books, magazines and periodicals for the students & facilitators of the school. Currently the library has 3000+ books and numerous nos. of CD/DVDs, journals and newspapers. Students are encouraged to make reading and ready referencing of books a habit.

Smart classroom is an endeavour by the school to integrate digital technology into the classrooms. It is an innovative and unique learning solution that significantly enhances the teaching & learning experiences. Besides we use modern methodology of teaching by using various modern teaching tools.

Sports & Activity

The East Indian School is equipped with advanced Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer labs for all kind of necessary experiments or activities by the students. The labs possess all the amenities and apparatus which conform to all the requisite standards for Sr. Secondary students.  

Healthy mind lives behind a healthy body. Having acknowledged the same, a wide range of   sports and outdoor activities like cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, athletics are promoted to explore sports related talent of the pupils.   Apart from physical activities, mental activities too are equally given due importance. Debate, Quiz, art & craft, music, yoga, aerobics, dancing are organized regularly.We at The EIS believe that hands-on experience is the best way of acquiring knowledge. For this purpose educational tours & excursion are organized periodically to enhance the creative thinking of the students.

The school has its own swimming pool with trained and qualified instructors to impart swimming lessons.

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